Prioritising of Outdoor Land Use

Dear K1 Members, The statements in this survey arose from Client Brief Workshop held at CAR Ltd on 17 April, and your answers are intended to give an over view of the groups priorities, one response per household is required and any comments can be left at […]

Workspace Working Group

At tonight’s meeting, Jim Ross asked those of us who are interested in working from home (or rather the common house) to form a working group, to provide input to the common house design workshop on the 22nd. Nicola and […]

Sarah Berger, UK cohousing pioneer

Sarah Berger, who started the first cohousing group in the UK (the Community Project) and founded the UK Cohousing Network, died on 21 April 2013. She was a passionate advocate for justice in the developing world, following a trip to […]

Decision Making Proposal

(Posted by CW on behalf of RM) Last night at the business meeting I presented some information about consensus decision-making, based on research that Christiane and I had done in the “decision-making” subgroup. If you were unable to attend the meeting […]

Ecobuild Brochures

I’ve finally found time to bind, catalogue and write up all the product brochures I picked up at the Ecobuild 2013 event. I still want to go through the seminars, especially now that the presentations are available for download on […]

Legal Working Group Meeting, 11/03/2013

Here are my notes from our Legal Working Group meeting on Monday for your information. Present: RC, JL, CW. These are all suggestions to be presented to the group through a workshop to get additional ideas and feedback. They are not […]

NASBA Presentation: Self Build

Ted Stevens of NASBA (the National Self Build Association) very kindly sent me his presentation from Ecobuild 2013. I’ll give you a summary for quick scanning and to help people find this page. I’ve tried hard not to rip off […]