K1 at Marmalade Lane

Cambridge’s first cohousing community

Please contact us  (see below) if you are interested in joining our list of potential future buyers or renters, for any property type.

Cambridge Cohousing members are the residents of Marmalade Lane, Cambridge’s first cohousing community in Orchard Park, Cambridge. Our forty-two homes range from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses.

Our homes are designed by the award-winning architect Meredith Bowles and his team at Mole Architects and the site developed by a Swedish company, Trivselhus, in partnership with Jonny Anstead & Neil Murphy of developers TOWN.

Last year we have been awarded the RIBA National Award a “rare and meaningful accolade”, The Housing Design Award and the National Urban Design Award. It’s thrilling to have our homes and community recognised as an exemplar of good design. More awards have come our way! For a full list go to https://marmaladelane.co.uk/

Being part of a cohousing community means that your home comes with so much more; the opportunity to be part of a self-managing community with shared facilities, a shared intention to live in a more sustainable way, a shared garden and productive area, a workshop and gym, and a ‘Common House’ where community members regularly eat and meet together. It also includes three guest bedrooms and an extensive range of other facilities – laundry, kids playroom, lounge area and two amenity rooms.

With only 21 cohousing communities in the UK, this is a rare opportunity. Our residents are of all ages and are made up of existing Cambridge residents as well as families who have moved to the area specifically to be part of our adventure.

If you want to find more about cohousing and the homes available then:

  • visit the Marmalade Lane website
  • take a look at the Cohousing UK network website
  • contact us for more information, and most importantly meet us. Become part of something that will transform the way you live!
  • keep up to date with our community as it grows by visiting Facebook and Twitter for news, videos and photos.
  • Listen to a Podcast with Jan Chadwick by House Planning Help

Is this for you?

What’s involved

  • be actively involved in creating our new sustainable community
  • own a new-build home that is well designed and built, green and economic to run
  • participate and contribute to community activities

What to do next?

  • You can find out more about us on the About K1 page.
  • Listen to an interview with long-standing member Miranda here.
  • If you have questions, please check the Questions and answers page.
  • To explore further,  please contact us.
  • To join the K1 project, please see the Joining K1 page.
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