Joining K1

If you like what you’ve seen here, and you want to find more about cohousing and K1, please contact us to arrange a one to one meeting. We will also send you our up to date presentation and detailed information sheets. We do recommend that you also come to one of our social events. We usually hold these once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday at the end of the month.  Please contact us to find out when and where the next one is.

Our fortnightly meetings are open to observers and are on the first Monday of every month at Orchard Park Community Centre and the third Wednesday of every month at Makespace in town. Please see our events page for details and do let us know if you are thinking of attending. As these meeting can be quite technical we do recommend that you contact us first.

If you’ve met us, like us and are thinking “yes, K1 is for me” then please read below for the steps you need to go through to become a member.

To join you need to:

  • Meet us; come to an event, a meeting, or a social.
  • Ensure you know what cohousing is all about.
  • Understand your obligations as a Member of our company, Cambridge Cohousing Ltd, and agree to be bound by the Articles of Association.
  • Ensure you understand the financial commitments (see below).
  • Ensure that there is a property available that you can afford and wish to buy. We don’t require membership unless a property is available for you to reserve.
  • Contact us for our most up to date Newsletter where you will find out how to join and reserve a property.

The financial commitment:

Our company, Cambridge Cohousing Ltd has contracted professional support (legal and project management services) to help us progress the project, at a cost of around £51,000. All members who reserve or purchase a property are required to pay their share of these costs prior to reservation. The amount is set by the board of directors of CCL, informed by consensus decisions by members. It currently stands at £2100 per member.

This investment should be considered non-refundable once a property is reserved, but since the total costs will not be known until completion (around June 2018), a review of the total costs will be undertaken just after completion, the final cost per member will be calculated, and refunds will be issued to all members (if applicable).

  1. To join CCL as a member, you will need to pay to CCL the membership fee of £250 per household (not refundable), and the £2100 investment for professional fees and ancillary costs (also not refundable). The membership fee gives you ONE vote per household.
  2. In addition to the fees set out above, other financial commitments apply when buying a new home off plan at K1 Marmalade Lane. These include a reservation fee of £1000 to TOWNhus in order to secure a plot, followed by a 10% deposit to TOWNhus on exchange of contracts (target date end of 28th Febuary 2018). Balance on completion 1st June 2018 (current confirmed date). Both the reservation fee and the deposit are deducted from the agreed sale price of the home. These payments and the remaining sale price are made to TOWNhus, and CCL is not responsible for them in any way.
  3. Before moving in, all members will need to pay  the first year’s service charge in advance, which will be the normal service charge (estimated at £500 to £1000 per year) plus an additional £1000 (estimated) in the first year only, to equip and furnish the common house.
  4. Don’t forget to budget for stamp duty on your chosen property.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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