Site plan

Please refer to the site map below to understand where each of the plot numbers listed below are located on the site. Key:

  • N1-N12: North Terrace (north side of K1)
  • S1-S7: South Terrace (centre of K1)
  • W1-W6: West Terrace (south-west side of K1)
  • E1-E2: apartments above workshop (south-west corner of K1)
  • D1-D10: apartments (south-east side of K1)
  • F: apartment (above common house, centre of K1)

Site plan



The A  House

Only two available at plot ref. N2 (3 Beds) £461,100, N5 and N11 (4 Beds) £464,100

Gable Roof


Traditional Roof


  • 5.2 metres wide terrace house.
  • 108.6m2
  • Three bedrooms – £452,500
  • Four bedrooms   – £455,500
  • Prices are regularly reviewed [1]

The B House

Only five available at plot ref. S2 (3 Beds) £511.100 and N1, N6, N10 and S1 (4 Beds) £514,100

  • 6 metre wide terrace house.
  • 122.8m2
  • Three bedrooms – £502,500
  • Four bedrooms  –  £505,500
  • Prices are regularly reviewed [1]

The C One Bedroom Ground Floor Flat

Only one available at plot ref. C1 £271,000 

Gable Roof


Traditional Roof


  • Ground floor apartment.
  • 51.3 m2
  • One bedroom.
  • Garden.
  • £271,000 [1]


The C One Bedroom Second Floor Flat

Currently none are available.

Gable Roof


Traditional Roof


  • First floor apartment.
  • 66.5 m2
  • One or two bedrooms.
  • Loft conversion options.
  • Price on application should one become available [1]

D Apartment and F Affordable Flat

Currently no Damson apartments are available.  The Affordable Flat situated above the Common House qualifies for a 25% discount under the Affordable Homes Scheme.

Damson & Affordable Apartments


  • There are 10 Apartments in the block.
  • D Two double bedroom apartment – £350,000 : 75.3 m2  
  • Balcony overlooking common garden.
  • Affordable one bedroom flat: 47 m2
  • Price on application [1]

The E Flat

Only one is available on the first floor as an Affordable Flat situated which qualifies for a 25% discount under the Affordable Homes Scheme.

E Type Apartments


  • Apartments over the workshop.
  • 51 m2
  • One bedroom.
  • Balcony.
  • £280,000 [1]


Shared Facilities

All property prices include the cost of building shared facilities, notably the Common House, which is apportioned equally across all purchasers. All properties benefit from shared use of the common house, with its three guest bedrooms making a one bedroom apartment a more realistic option for many. The shared facilities include: the great hall for shared dining and larger gatherings, a large kitchen, a laundry, a kids room, two sitting areas, a multi-use room, a workshop and gym on the ground floor of the Elderberry block, and extensive gardens.


[1] Prices are as published until the end of December 2017. They are review on a regular basis and may increase, so please contact us to confirm the current price and availability for properties listed above.