Email Enquiry

Important: (GDPR) Please read this section before sending an enquiry email .

If you send us an email, via the link below, we will retain your contact details on the legal basis of “Legitimate Interest” under GDPR.
We will retain your details only as long as is necessary to engage with you regarding your enquiry and we will never pass your contact details on to another party without your explicit consent.
We will consider the enquiry complete when you:
    • Inform us that you are no longer interested in receiving further information – in which case we will delete your contact details. Or inform us that you would like to keep in touch – in which case we will move your email address to an “Interested” list and use it only for sending periodic update.
When we receive your enquiry, you will be contacted by a member of out outreach team who will use their personal email account to contact you (We do not have corporate email accounts). All members of the outreach team are directors of CCL and will be responsible for removal of your personal contact details.
If you prefer to be contacted by phone, please say so in your email and provide a contact number.

Please send your enquiry to;