Mailing List

Email discussion list

To join our email discussion list:

  • Follow this link to Google Groups.
  • Sign in to Google Groups with a Google email address.
  • Click Apply to join.
  • Wait for one of our list administrators to approve your application.

If you already have a google account and you’re logged in, but the email address is different than the one you gave us, then Google will not allow you to join, with an error message that looks like this:

Unfortunately you were unable to join the group... You are using a different account from the intended recipient of the invitation.
Google Groups – Invitation Acceptance Failure

If you get this error, or you don’t have a google account and don’t want to create one, it’s possible to join our group by sending an email to this address:

However I don’t think you’ll be able to browse the group online or unsubscribe using the web interface if you join that way. You may prefer to contact us some other way.