Ecobuild Brochures

I’ve finally found time to bind, catalogue and write up all the product brochures I picked up at the Ecobuild 2013 event. I still want to go through the seminars, especially now that the presentations are available for download on the website.

The brochures are divided into three full ring binders. As you can imagine, they’re quite bulky and heavy. If you’d like to see or borrow some, please let me know which section you’re interested in.

Quick links:


  • Ecobuild show guide, exhibitor index and seminar list
  • Passive House Plus magazine, issue 2: “the leading source for: insulation, airtightness, renewable energy, triple glazing, ventilation, green materials, water conservation and more” (i.e. many more suppliers than listed here)
  • Straw Build courses and workshops 2013
  • Zero Bills Home by Zed Factory/BedZed – “The modest additional monthly mortgage payment for the fit and forget solar powered electric home is less than buying a conventional home and paying conventional bills.”

Structural Materials

  • ModCell prefabricated panels made from straw bale and hemp, as used in LILAC cohousing project.
  • SIP Energy – Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs) – The Science of Sustainable Living.
  • Val-U-Therm – a closed-panel building system that delivers exceptional thermal insulation and class-leading environmental and sustainability credentials in a cost-effective package.
  • TRADA Technology – The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products, and a not-for-profit membership-based organisation.
  • Eleco Gang-Nail connector plate and Ecojoist® metal floor joist web.
  • CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steel (SRS) – “Reinforcing steel producers and processors are coming under increasing pressure to take actions to mitigate their climate change impacts. Such impacts are connected with the level of greenhouse gas emissions and are commonly referred to as the business carbon footprint. In response to this demand and building upon the full product traceability required by its Product Certification Scheme, CARES have developed a Sustainable Reinforcing Steel Certification Scheme.”
  • Naturally Wood – carbon negative timber from Canada.

Prefabricated Houses

These brochures have nice pictures of bright, modern homes, worth a look for design ideas.

  • Becker 360 (Germany) – timber eco homes.
  • Hanse Haus – custom-designed low energy houses, built with German reliability and quality, including Passivhauses.
  • Huf Haus – prefabricated houses, modern timber-frame architecture in wood and glass.


  • NovaCase Eco Buildings (Italy) – passive house builders? Not much info in English, mainly Italian.
  • Good Homes Alliance – a group of housing developers, building professionals etc. Members have signed up to meet GHA Standard, which means that their homes must be low energy, healthy and have proven performance, and the GHA Charter, which covers broader aspects of social and community performance. Potentially a list of Nice Developers?

Green Roofs

  • Sedum Green Roof (UK) – suppliers of Sedum Green Roof Systems based in Wiltshire. Home grown Green Roofs! We only supply the best possible quality sedum mats blankets and modules.
  • Bauder (Ireland) – sedum roofs, roof gardens, wildflower roofs, plug plants.
  • Polyroof (UK) – cold applied green roof waterproofing membranes.
  • Polygrow (Netherlands) – With a water uptake up to 70% of its own volume Polygrow® is able to save a huge amount of rain water, also over a long period of time. On one side this decreases the need of irrigating. On the other side it counteracts the peak loads of the precipitation and unburdens the canalisation in urban areas.
  • SITA (Germany) – insulated internal drains for green roofs.
  • Scotscape (UK) – living walls and green roofs.
  • Kemper System (international) – sustainable liquid roofing, Kemperol liquid waterproofing.

Windows and Doors

Cladding and Decking

  • Neo Gates (UK?) – gates and doors in durable eco-friendly materials.
  • Delhez Bois (Belgium) – specialized in planing of soft wood: resinous wood (pine and spruce from Nordic origin), larch from Siberia, douglas, cedar (WRC); cladding.
  • Sofpave (UK) – wood-like decking and fencing made from 100% recycled UK waste plastic, lasts five times longer than timber.
  • Timco Wood (UK) – cladding, decking and fencing made from 100% recycled woodchips and high density polyethylene plastics.
  • Prodema (Spain) – composite panels with natural wood veneer. Nice pictures in the brochure (PDF download).
  • Vinylit (Germany) – facade systems: external wall insulation and rainscreens, available in natural crushed stone, as well as wood or brick effect. Can be used for cladding as well?
  • Accoya (UK?) – modified wood, lasting 50 years, virtually rot proof, swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more.

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation, Heat Recovery


Monitoring and Control Systems

  • OWL Intuition (UK) – intelligent wireless energy monitoring and control.
  • Pegler (Yorkshire, UK) – eControl monitoring and control system, district heating.
  • Nedap Energy Systems (Netherlands) – “PowerRouter Solar Battery for self-use, the leading storage based inverter, provides the perfect solution to optimize the use of self-generated solar energy. Use the generated solar energy directly, store the energy in batteries for use at a later time, or feed the energy back to the grid.”
  • Wattson Solar Plus (UK) – low cost, in-house, easy to use, colour indication of when you have excess energy to use from your PV panels.

Heat Pumps

Solar Thermal

Wood Pellet Boilers

Underfloor Heating

Water Saving

  • Propelair (Essex, UK) – air flush toilets, reducing average water usage by 84%.
  • Water Evolution (Livingston, UK) – reAqua+ greywater recycling and heat recovery (from warm bath/shower/sink water).
  • Shielco Watersave (Harlow, UK) – grey water harvesting for internal (toilets and  laundry) and external (irrigation) use.

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Wight Rainwater Solutions (Isle of Wight, UK) – rainwater harvesting products and design consultancy.
  • RainWater Harvesting Ltd (Peterborough, UK) – designers, manufacturers and retailers of rainwater harvesting equipment. “We are an established independent family owned company based in Peterborough UK.”
  • SCP Environmental Ltd (Warwickshire, UK) – supplier of rainwater harvesting systems (imported from German manufacturer Graf GmbH) throughout the UK. Provide a full package of design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for all customers, from one-off private builds and extensions, to multiple-plot developments for housing associations.
  • WPL (Hampshire, UK) – design, manufacture and supply environmental wastewater solutions, including RainRetain rainwater harvesting for domestic use.

Resin Bonded Surfacing

Why did I include this section? I think it has potential as a hard-wearing, permeable surface for driveways, parking, paths and communal outdoor areas, allowing rain water to soak through for collection and storage instead of running off into drains and sewers.

  • Addagrip (East Sussex, UK) – manufacturers, formulators and suppliers of quality resin surfacing systems. Some products use recycled aggregate.
  • Ronacrete (Harlow, UK) – SuDS compliant resin bound surfacing, used on Shepherd’s Bush Green in London, and EcoBound “surfacing resin made from 38% renewable sources; EcoGrid is made from 100% recycled material (see below); EcoCrumb uses recycled rubber from car tyres.”
  • Ecogrid (UK?) – “makes an ideal base for all resin bonded/bound stone driveways, pathways and patios.” Used by Ronacrete as a base layer. There are some nice pictures lower down on this page. “Ecogrid is made from completely recycled materials and is classed as environmentally neutral.” Made in Germany.


  • Stone Federation (UK) – sustainability statement: “Stone is already ahead of almost all building materials in its green credentials.  This doesn’t mean the industry can rest.  We will continue to innovate and drive the environmental costs of using stone ever downwards.  Our message is clear: Stone is environmentally the right choice and will continue to be.”
  • Object Carpet (Germany?) – rugs and self laying carpet tiles.
  • Giada (Italy) – lava, glass and marble tiles. “Giada undertakes to reduce the waste of these precious materials to the minimum, regularly controlling all machinery and reinserting all compatible residues into the land during the working process.”
  • Flowcrete (multinational) – “Considering each element of its product lifecycle, The GREEN Floorzone from Flowcrete UK Ltd aims to become the most sustainable flooring solution available to the UK construction industry. Free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Isocrete Green Screeds are also manufactured using a quantity of recycled raw materials and are ideally suited to use in both new-build and refurbishment projects.”

LED Lighting

Boiling Water Taps

Energy savings are disputed, but I’d like one anyway. May save water by avoiding the need to “run” the tap waiting for hot water.

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