BSRIA Report: Passivhaus and Ventilation

This presentation was given by Alan Gilbert of BSRIA regarding the problems of ventilation and airtightness in new builds, especially to Passivhaus standards.

Particularly shocking point:

In 2011, 95% of all dwellings when initially tested FAILED to meet the requirements of Building Regulations!

He talks about the problem of incorrect installation of ventilation systems, often requiring recommissioning and retesting, and the difficulty of measuring airtightness and flow using the tools currently available.

You can download the presentation here: Ecobuild – BSRIA 05_03_13

On the BSRIA website there is a video of the testing with various instrumentation, and you can freely download the guides and lab reports they have produced.

He also says:

No problem with using my presentation on your website which I hope will be of benefit to the users.

If you need any testing conducted in the future or require any clarification of any of the points made please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to Alan for providing me with a copy of his presentation.

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