Jo Gooding’s Advice

Thanks to Jo Gooding from the Cohousing Network, who sent us the following advice.

Summary of actions and support required:

  • Focus of support needed is in providing guidance/ signposting to resources and knowledge on how to build and sustain community. Specific areas of advice are on decision making structures and processes, systems of documenting decisions and how to carry out effective meetings.
  • Review of membership options and legal agreements to reduce risk at stages where the group will need to commit increasing resources.
  • Also talked about running a mini- ‘Lets talk about money’ workshop to help the group start to audit resources and understand how different members value money to help frame community policies on equipment, maintenance, payment structures for contributions towards communal facilities.
  • Notified you of Diana Leafe Christian workshop at the Cohousing Spring Gathering (17th-19th May) author of Finding Community and ideal training for community members. Booking opens 18th March
  • Facilitate peer exchange visits with established cohousing communities. Some of the communities; Threshold, Lancaster, Laughton Lodge and Springhill host open days and other demonstrator events. We can also help you to establish direct contact on specific issues.

You asked if I could let you have a few dates when I could travel and work with the group. I have yet to make arrangements with the Milton Keynes Group. So suggestions at this stage are 11th April, 16th April, 17th April.

Depending on what you think, and if the development budget can stretch to cover the costs (about £150-200) it could be a good idea to bring in the skills and experiences of a community facilitator.

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