Workspace Working Group

At tonight’s meeting, Jim Ross asked those of us who are interested in working from home (or rather the common house) to form a working group, to provide input to the common house design workshop on the 22nd.

Nicola and Donald and I were the ones who expressed an interest in this at previous meetings, and as I was the only one present tonight, it fell to me to organise a meeting of this working group.

I think we need to meet and agree our requirements for:

  • open-plan space
  • private offices/treatment rooms
  • how much we ought to pay
  • daylighting
  • quiet/privacy
  • space per person/number of people
  • power/phone/data conections
  • furniture
  • storage

  • meeting room

We should bear in mind that the local community may want to use these facilities as well. I guess we’d take about half a floor of the common house, with the rest used by spare rooms, a kids’ play area, a workshop or a sitooterie.

Unfortunately I’ll be away for 2 weeks from Monday 13th, so for me it really has to be this week if we’re going to meet in person before the 22nd. I’ve set up a Doodle to find a convenient time for anyone who wants to be involved.

Even if you don’t want to meet or can’t make any of the times I’ve proposed, your input is most welcome by commenting on this post, or via the mailing list.

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